Whether you like it or not, football can not be avoided these days. Almost every pub and restaurant has the obligatory flat screen installed and wants to allow customers to follow each group and final match. The uni seminars are sometimes suspiciously empty at the appropriate times, the weekend schedule has to adapt to the schedule and the conversations revolve around secret favorites, the formation of their own national team and the constitution of individual players. For the majority of students, everyday life is looked at through the spectacles of football. How to think about your own bachelor thesis during the whole sporty hustle andRead More →

At the end of your studies, the bachelor thesis is waiting for every student. This opens up not only thematically a diverse field of possible issues. You can also choose whether to write your bachelor thesis classically at an institution of your university or you decide to write your bachelor thesis in a company. Both variants are possible in principle, but there are some things to consider in the bachelor thesis in the company. If you are researching for a company, you are bound to it first, even though you realize in the course of your bachelor thesis that you might be more in lineRead More →

Clear – Summer, sun, sunshine invites you to spend relaxing hours with friends at the lake instead of busy days in the library. Anyone would like to ease the effort around the bachelor thesis a bit and take over one or the other idea of ​​foreign scientific work. Whether Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg or Annette Schavan – even high-ranking German politicians have copied in their dissertations with others. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to adopt foreign texts without making them known. Because plagiarism is punished severely: If you convict the deception, that does not just mean that you have failed in your bachelor thesis.Read More →