Whether you like it or not, football can not be avoided these days. Almost every pub and restaurant has the obligatory flat screen installed and wants to allow customers to follow each group and final match. The uni seminars are sometimes suspiciously empty at the appropriate times, the weekend schedule has to adapt to the schedule and the conversations revolve around secret favorites, the formation of their own national team and the constitution of individual players. For the majority of students, everyday life is looked at through the spectacles of football. How to think about your own bachelor thesis during the whole sporty hustle and bustle? In this article we want to use the image of the soccer game for the bachelor thesis to awaken your athletic ambition for the academic thesis.

The training before the big game – preparations for the bachelor thesis

Since this European Championship, the color of the underpants of the players must match the color of the pants. This rule may smile, but reveals that in international football a more elaborate set of rules is needed than on the football field, where the most complicated rule is probably still the three-corner penalty. The same applies to your bachelor thesis. She is the matriculation exam that contributes to your first degree. So you should study your regulations, the study and examination regulations, exactly. There you will find out what conditions exist, how long you have time, how many pages you have to write and under what circumstances you can go for an extension. You should get to know your referee, your bachelor sorcerer, and take into account his idiosyncrasies, preferences and wishes. It makes a difference whether you have a generous examiner who overlooks one or two fouling stories so as not to disturb the flow of writing, or whether he whistles and scores points on the score at the slightest offense. Before the whistle sounds, you should prepare a match plan. Set a timetable and do not forget to adjust to unpredictability. In athletic competition injuries can occur and you should plan regeneration phases of Vornerhein. Even if the academic work and thus your bachelor thesis is first and foremost an individual sport, you should strive for a fitness team. Seek out experienced classmates and friends who can coach you in the process of the bachelor thesis and are available to help and advise.

The first half in the processing of your bachelor thesis

You have registered your bachelor thesis, time is running and the ball is rolling. Do not forget that a game usually lasts 90 minutes. You can not expect to write down your bachelor thesis within a few days. Stick to your match plan and set intermediate goals. In the best case you let the different research opinions clash like opposing teams in your bachelor thesis. Do not be biased, but explain the various theoretical approaches, explain their advantages and disadvantages, and conclude with a reasoned and scientifically sound judgment. Have a clear line in the game. Your research interest and your research question should be clearly stated in the introduction and referred to again and again in the course of the work. At the end of the bachelor thesis you should be able to answer your research question. At the same time you have to adjust to your opponents. It may be that you have to realign your bachelor thesis as your reading and investigation will take you on new paths. In the bachelor thesis, it is not necessary to support a preconceived notion by selective selection of the research literature, but to scientifically investigate a specific topic with regard to a concrete question.

The victory in mind – The completion of the bachelor thesis

Certainly, in your imagination, you are already waving the trophy, because you have already written your complete bachelor thesis. Do not rejoice too soon. We are only in the 70th minute of the game. You should plan enough time for the correction work. Read the work several times and let it read by competent friends and fellow students. Pay attention to the different levels of a scientific work. In a first round you can only pay attention to the spelling and grammar. In a second round you pay attention to formulations. And when you read the bachelor thesis for the third time, it checks the content. Explain to your coaching team in a nutshell verbally your approach in the bachelor thesis. Let us give you some feedback as to whether your scholarly inquiry has been clearly presented in the text of your bachelor thesis

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