At the end of your studies, the bachelor thesis is waiting for every student. This opens up not only thematically a diverse field of possible issues. You can also choose whether to write your bachelor thesis classically at an institution of your university or you decide to write your bachelor thesis in a company. Both variants are possible in principle, but there are some things to consider in the bachelor thesis in the company. If you are researching for a company, you are bound to it first, even though you realize in the course of your bachelor thesis that you might be more in line with another company. On the other hand, after finishing your bachelor thesis, you often have the chance of finding employment, either as a working student or as a permanent employee. In general, however, some topics are more suitable for writing a bachelor thesis in a company. One of these areas is the degree program “Marketing”.

Find a company for my bachelor thesis in the field of marketing

Marketing is a wide range and offers a variety of career opportunities. As a department for marketing a product, a company or even a brand, almost every medium-sized company has a marketing department. Of course, there are also numerous marketing agencies, but potentially less suitable for cooperation in the bachelor thesis. Things are different in companies: new trends, company models, products or sales strategies are always the reason to have these areas investigated. This is always of enormous relevance for companies: Especially in corporate marketing, new and innovative ideas are an essential part of making a product or brand attractive to the customer. In addition, a company always has the option of obtaining employment after the bachelor thesis. The advantage is that you could already get to know the company, its employees and the work processes. With the results of his bachelor thesis you also have a good entry into the team, because you have long researched for the economic growth of the company.

Possible topics for the bachelor thesis in marketing in the company

Since the field of “Marketing” includes an extremely wide variety of different areas, the possible topics and project opportunities that can be worked on within the scope of a bachelor thesis are enormous. It is obvious, for example, to conceive and implement a market analysis for a company. This is particularly well suited as a topic for the bachelor thesis, because one can easily maintain the claim to scientificity, the wishes and needs of the company taken into account, which can work long-term with a well-conducted market analysis and reflect their strategy. In addition, you can work independently on a large scale. If you find a comprehensive market analysis as a topic for your bachelor thesis too expensive or too expensive and you are rather creative and text secure, then an option for you to design a new marketing strategy for a company in the context of your bachelor thesis could be. In any case, this theme will allow you a high degree of creativity. However, you should get to know the company and its values ​​carefully, before you begin with the conception of your bachelor thesis. If you want to work theoretically in your bachelor thesis, it is of course also possible to approach things more conceptually. For example, one could work out the opportunities of digitization for an IT company and align this with the ideas of potential customers. However, the work should not be too theoretical, because then it is better to write the work traditionally at the university.

After the submission of the bachelor thesis

At the end of the weeks and months of work on your Bachelor thesis, the question always arises: What remains of my Bachelor thesis after the submission? The fear that it dusted after the levy is, if you write the bachelor thesis in the company, usually not given. Especially in marketing, almost all topics have an extreme practical and application-related nature: your analysis and your results are designed to be fruitful for the company. For example, if you have developed a new marketing strategy for a company’s product in your bachelor thesis, there are usually very good chances that they will be used by the company. Also a market analysis is very helpful for the conception and invention of new strategies and products of a company. Of course you have to expect that after completing your bachelor thesis you will not be employed in the company any more, and your results and ideas will continue to be implemented by other employees. But this too shows how fruitful the results of your bachelor thesis are. And with a bit of luck, you’ll be taken over by the company right away and have the opportunity to use your own insights and hard work over the last few months to turn them into reality on their own.

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